• Account Setup

    ParentVue is a platform that shows you your student’s daily attendance and grades at the end of every quarter or semester.

    You will receive a letter via email with the activation key attached.
    You will need to look at the following information:
    a) First Name
    b) Last Name
    c) Activation Key

    Please Note: Your activation key expires. If you try to activate your account
    after the expiration date, contact TTVA for a new activation key.
    The ParentVue web link is listed below the activation key:
    You can also choose the language on the bottom right corner of the website.
    You have the option of English or Spanish.
    You can also download the ParentVue App in the App Store or Google Play

    When you enter the ParentVUE website, Click on “I Am a Parent”
    Step 1: Click on "Activate Account"
    Step 2: Click "I Accept"
    Step 3: Enter your Full Name, Full Last Name, and Activation Key found in your
    letter. Then Click continue to step 3.
    Step 4: Look for and enter your username (example: jose71)
    Type a password
    Confirm your password
    Type your email address.

    The links that you can focus on are:

    • Attendance
    • Report Card (only at the end of every quarter)
    • Documents (another place you can see grades) 

    If you experience any issues, please contact Tigard-Tualatin Virtual Academy at or call 503-431-3730.