• The initial deadline (10/27) to register for IB exams has passed. 

    For late registration, fill out the junior or senior late registration form (below) and submit payment by Friday, December 1st.  Note: There is a late fee of $50 per exam.  

    Junior IB Exam LATE Registration Form (class of 2025) (link) 

    Senior IB Exam LATE Registration Form (Class of 2024) (link)


    IB Exam Schedule May 2024 (link)


    Paying for IB Exams  

    The fee for each exam is $170 ($120 exam fee + $50 late fee).  Students who qualify for free meals do not have to pay the exam fee, but they still must pay the $50 late fee.  (Not sure if you qualify for free meals?  Click this link for more info.)
    Payment Instructions   
    1) go to https://or-tigardtualatin.intouchreceipting.com/  
    2) log in with username (ID#) and password (last name)
    3) click on your name 
    4) click "Items at student's school" 
    5) click "IB exam fees" 
    6) leave the Qty set at 1  
    7) enter your total fees ($170 per exam, or $50 per exam if you are paying the late fee only) 
    8) click "Buy", then enter your credit card information if your fees are more than zero.  
    If you don't wish to use the online payment system, you can bring a check to the bookkeeper. 


    IB Exam General Information  

    IB exams are optional exams given each May.  Students who take IB classes can choose whether or not to take the IB exams.  IB exams are graded on a 1-7 scale.  Most colleges award college credit for scores of 5+, and many schools -- including University of Oregon and Oregon State -- give college credit for scores of 4+.  Last year over 80% of Tigard High School students who took IB exams earned college credit!  Not sure if you are eligible for IB exams, or if you should take them?  Ask your IB teachers!