Summer 2023 Programs

  • Community Newsletter - Summer School Programming Update/Actualización de la programación de la escuela de verano

    As we move into the late Spring, finalized summer school budget information from the state has been slow in coming and it has been a waiting game as the ways and means committee contemplated providing dollars to districts for summer school programming.  At this late stage in the Spring, we have come to understand that there will not be summer school dollars available to districts this year from the state.

    Based on this information, we have now solidified what summer programming TTSD will be able to provide using limited federal funding and Measure 98 dollars for secondary programming.  See the Q&A below for more detailed information.

    Q: Will TTSD be able to offer summer school program?  

    A:  Yes.  On a limited and very targeted basis.

    Q: Will programming look the same as it has the last two years with a K-8 Enrichment offering?

    A: No.  There will not be a K-8 Enrichment summer school this year.  This year, funding for summer school has not been released and therefore, the summer school offerings will be targeted using federal dollars and Measure 98 funds that are specifically earmarked to support extended learning.

    Q: With the federal and M98 funds available, what summer school programming will be offered?  

    A:  We were able to pull together funds from these buckets to provide incoming Kindergarten support, middle school transition support for incoming 6th graders, high school credit recovery and on-track support programming and an Early School Years experience supporting students who have IEPs.

  • Q:  How will students be selected to participate?  

    A:  Schools are using student data as part of the criteria for invitation to different programming options.  Planning for each of these programs is underway and student invitations, recruiting and program messaging will continue through the Spring.  Each program has a point person (or people) who are organizing the program format and the logistics including student outreach and communication.  

    Q:  What’s the thinking as to “when” summer school will take place?  

    A:  Each program will have its own specific dates established.  Those program dates are being established now with the exact dates to be determined soon.  Most of the programs will be held during designated week(s) in July or August.  

    Look for summer school planning updates in future newsletters and/or direct communication through your child’s building administrator(s)..

    Thank you for your patience as we waited to get news from the legislature about state summer school funding.  

    Have a great week,



    Todd Robson 
    Director of Teaching and Learning 
    Tigard-Tualatin School District