Welcome to Boys' Golf

  • Greetings Golf Families!
    Our season is fast approaching! We begin Monday, February 28, 2022.
    Our schedule has not been released as of yet, but I will post the practice and contest schedule as quickly as possible.
    We have a team meeting on Thursday, February 7th, immediately after school in Room 129 
    We are in need of fundraising this season to take care of expenses. Your help is greatly appreciated.  
    This offseason, we purchased new rain gear, unbrellas, polos, hats, and golf balls for the players. Now we need to pay the bills. 
    Practice locations will be hard to come by this season. We will not be allowed to practice at Tualatin Island Greens again this season due to COVID-19.
    We are doing our best to seek out alternatives.  Some of those alternatives might be Red Tail Golf Center and other local courses, pending them allowing our team to work into the already crowded courses. I am currently negotiating with their staff.
    Please be sure to complete online registration through our Athletic Office.  You'll need to have on file:
    1.  Sports Information Registration Form
    2.  Physical Form (Updated if necessary)
    3.  Transportation Waiver--Be sure to sign the waiver!
    4.  COVID-19 form
    5.  Finally-- There is no fee to participate this season!  
    We have added two additional coaches to help out this season. Coach Ryan Cook a will help with the team on certain days that are still be worked on.
    Please communicate with me if you need any information. We cannot wait to get out there and watch the guys have fun!
    All the best! 
    Axel Ellsworth
    Health and Health Sciences
    Boys Head Golf Coach
    Tualatin High School
    The Tualatin WAY
    We care. All of you matter. You are the future!

Boys Golf Coaching Staff

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Practice Locations

  • Locations:
    Tualatin Country Club
    King City GC 
    Summerfield GC
    and others

    Practice Times:

    Equipment needed
    Golf Clubs
    Golf Bag
    Golf Shoes

    There is no fee to participate this season!


  • Additional Resources

    Link to the projected practice schedule 

    • This is the projected schedule because things are subject to change depending on the weather and other things outside of our control. There will be information sent out as soon as we get that information.

    Sign up for FirstTee

    • This is a great opportunity for your students to get discounted rates on multiple golf courses in this area. Also, they host many youth clinics to help refine the skills of your young golfer.