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TTSD Fingerprinting & Badging Process for Bond Projects

  • General Contractor Requirements

    • General Contractor’s employees & subs must complete the TTSD Badging Process (see below)
    • General Contractor’s employees & subs must complete Fingerprinting (see below)
    • TTSD badges cannot be issued until approved by TTSD staff
    • Contractor must maintain a Badging Log that includes the following information: names of employees & subs, date forms submitted, and the TTSD Badge # issued – Badging Log must be available to TTSD and must be updated on a daily basis
    • The employee or sub must leave the job site immediately & turn in their TTSD badge if their fingerprints are declined (the process takes several weeks)
    • It is the General Contractor’s responsibility to ensure that all individuals adhere to this process

    TTSD Badging Process:

    1. Complete Criminal History Verification Form, Personal Data Form & Fingerprint Request Form
    2. Make payment to TTSD (by check) for $70.75 ($4.75 CRIS & $66 fingerprint fee) *fees are subject to change & will be more if additional searches are required - TTSD cannot process without payment
    3. Contact Vilma Madrigal (vmadrigal@ttsd.k12.or.us) for processing
    4. Please Read- Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Reporting Handout



    1. Visit: www.fieldprintoregon.com
    2. Create an account
    3. TTSD code - FPTigardTualatinSD23J (case sensitive)
    4. Pay $12.50 online
    5. List your position as Contractor on Bond Project
    6. Make an appointment and get fingerprinted