• Bottle Drop   It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!


      1. Pick up your Blue Bag

    You can either email fowlerpsotreasurer@gmail.com to request a bag, or you can pick one up in the Main Office any time you're there.

      2. Fill it up

    Add any bottles or can that have an Oregon Redemption Value noted. Ask friends, family, neighbors to help, too! You can even get them their own bag!

      3. Drop it off

    Drop off your bag at ANY BottleDrop location (The closest on is at 99W/Bull Mtn Road). You can drive around back to the back door for easy, hassle-free drop off!

    You can either check out the flier below, or their website for even more information! http://www.fowlerpso.org/fundraisers/bottle-drop-blue-bags/