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    SIA Grant Application

    SIA Plan in Development - message from Supt. Dr. Sue, February 20, 2020

    Writing to share with all of you some important adjustments we have made to our SSA process and schedule leading up to the submission of the Student Investment Act grant application to ODE. I ground these remarks in the SSA requirements which are to address student mental health and academic disparities, especially for our historically underserved student population.

    My thanks to all who have shared their voice in this process either through working alongside us since September helping to craft a responsible plan, as well as those that have shared their feedback on our progress. After we presented the first read of the District plan at the School Board meeting on February 10th, it was clear we needed to dig further into the feedback we are receiving from stakeholders and further vet that information to best represent all voices. We also continue to receive further instructions from ODE which has impacted our timeline. 
    Please find links to my presentation from the February 18th SIA Development Team meeting. Please note the strikeouts and additions to the plan. You will find:
    • Data gathered from elementary school counselors regarding their preference for either additional counselors or administrative support
    • The number of additional licensed teachers that will be supported through this plan are: 8 SPED teachers; 4.5 English Language teachers; 7 additional elementary school specialists through SSA with 3 more through general fund (total +10 teachers)
    • Overall number of teachers added: 19.5 from SSA, 3 from general fund
    • Additional classified staff who will be hired to expand our schools' capacity to engage impacted families in support of student achievement = 16 FTE
    • Additional professional development and associated staff have been struck
    • Co-teaching and BEC professional development remains based on feedback from these stakeholders
    • Teacher collaboration funds are now teacher choice
    These adjustments reflect what we have heard from both public comment from the 2/10 Board meeting and feedback we continue to receive from stakeholders.  
    Due to additional requirements from ODE and our commitment to fully vet feedback, please note:
    • We will be removing the scheduled second read of the SSA proposal from Monday's (February 24th) Board meeting agenda
    • We will move the second read of our proposal to the March 9th Board meeting which includes space for public comment. This is required by the SSA legislation. While we always welcome you to attend our Board meetings, we highly encourage you to attend this meeting and provide comment.
    • We will be holding an additional SIA community development team meeting on Feb. 26th at Creekside Community High School
    • We have targeted March 10th for the SSA proposal submission to ODE. The purpose is to facilitate early approval and the hiring of the staff identified above and represented in the plan.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out. Warmly, Dr. Sue

    Get involved in the Student Success Act and your district’s Student Investment Account plan!
    Tuesday, Oct 29th -  CANCELED
    Tuesday, Nov 5th -  C.F. Tigard Elementary 
    in the cafeteria   6 - 8 pm 
    Tuesday, Dec 3rd -  Bridgeport Elementary 
    in cafeteria   6 - 8 pm 
    January 14, 5:30 Creekside High School
    January 30, 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Templeton Elementary
    Student Investment Account Development Team Meetings (SIA)
    All meetings will be held at Creekside Community High School from 5:00 to 7:00 PM on the following dates:
    January 22
    February 3
    February 19
    February 26





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    Oregon’s Student Success Act was signed into law in the spring of 2019 and is forecasted to invest an unprecedented $2 billion into K-12 education across the state over the next two years. Areas of investment include:

    • A student Investment Account (50%)
    • An Early Learning Account (20%)
    • A Statewide Education Initiatives Account (30%)

    Approximately $500 million will go directly to Oregon school districts and eligible charter schools through the Student Investment Account. This funding is predicted to bring an estimated $10 million a year for two years to the Tigard-Tualatin School District (TTSD).

    Investments are to be focused within the following priority areas:

    • Class size/Additional adults in the classroom
    • Well-rounded education
    • Instructional time
    • Health and safety

    School districts will be engaging with their communities to identify how these funds will be put to work to support students.  TTSD is committed to a thorough, equitable process that engages voices from across our system and from every corner of our community.

    Please join us in this work.  

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