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TAG Philosophy

  • The Tigard-Tualatin School District is committed to educational services that recognize the unique value, needs, and talents of TAG students. Recognizing the diversity of the students we serve, we believe that giftedness is not defined by race, gender, or language. Central to this commitment is evidence-based instruction that is designed to meet the needs of academically talented and intellectually gifted students.

    Gifted students.....

    • are individuals with unique patterns of abilities and interests.
    • benefit from spending time with peers with similar abilities and interests.
    • must be provided instruction in core curriculum at their level and rate of learning.
    • may need support and guidance to address their unique, academic, social, and emotional needs.

TAG Identification

  • How do I know if my child might qualify for TAG services? What are some of the characteristics of giftedness?

  • I know a student who might qualify for TAG services. What should I do next?

  • How does a student qualify for TAG services?

  • How long does the TAG identification process take?

  • When will my child begin receiving TAG services after being identified?

  • In which grades can students be referred for TAG services?

  • How will my child benefit from a TAG identification? What is the point?

  • My child is receiving special education or academic intervention services. Can they also be eligible for TAG services?

  • Can a student be eligible for TAG services if they don’t have good grades or high test scores?

  • How can I learn more about why my student was identified for TAG services?

  • My child was identified as gifted in another district. Will this transfer to TTSD?

  • Can my TAG student get their identification reevaluated/reviewed? How?

  • What can I do if I disagree with the result of the TAG identification process?

  • What assessments are used to determine TAG eligibility and why?

  • Can my child take an assessment for TAG eligibility any time?

TAG Services

  • What are the rights of TAG students? What services do TAG students receive?

  • My student is not challenged in his classes. Would a TAG referral help?

  • My TAG student is not challenged in his classes. How do we fix this?

  • Do Virtual Academy students still receive TAG services?

  • How are my child’s social-emotional needs being met?

  • How do my child’s TAG services connect to other special services?

  • Why is my TAG child no longer pulled out for enrichment at their elementary school?

  • How do I know if my child is being taught at their assessed rate and level?

  • Does a TAG identification ensure my child will be placed in advanced courses?

Other Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are TAG services accessible to all students in an equitable way?

  • Who is in charge of TAG at my child’s school? What is their role?

  • How can I help my TAG student who struggles with academics?

  • Where can parents learn more about giftedness?

  • How can parents get involved with TAG services?

TAG Coordinators

Talented & Gifted Education Plan 2020-23

Educational Excellence Advisory Team (EEAT)