• Vilma


    Why I do what I do: Why helping families is my calling

    I am Vilma Madrigal. I was born in El Salvador during a civil war. In search of a better life and a better place to raise a family, my parents migrated here when I was three months old. My parents left me with my grandmother in El Salvador until they made sure they had a stable home and job. 

    When I was three, my mother and father were at a good place here in the states and brought me and my brother to live with them. We were undocumented for a few years. Thanks to President Ronald Reagan’s leadership, Salvadorans were given the opportunity to apply for “legal statute” here in the states. I still remember the day with a smile, like it was yesterday. I am now a US citizen, but I am very proud of my heritage and my roots. 

    My grandmother moved to the states when I was about four years old and she pretty much raised me. My grandmother was a very giving and positive individual who always brought out the best in me. She molded me into the woman I am today. Whenever I see that someone can use my help, I remember her words telling me …

    “mi niña vos sabés cómo ayudarles, sabes inglés. Dios te lo va a pagar. Algunos tenemos mucho que dar, aunque no sea lo económico, yo se que vos podes, así que hacelo.” 

    “My little girl, you know how to help them. You speak English. God will reward you. Some people have a lot to offer, and it’s not always about money, I know you can help, so do it.” 

    She always had faith in me.  She is the woman I want to be when I grow up :-). My grandmother was, is and always will be my hero.