Nutrition Services is Here to Serve

  • Dear Parents,

    We are part of your student’s education here at TTSD. We believe in the power of healthy food and its ability to fuel our student’s minds. We are moms, dads, aunties, and grandmas who love feeding your children. We work hard to create meals that are both delicious and filled with wholesome nutrients. Our philosophy is simple – to nourish our students so they can learn best. We believe in health equity and nutrition access for all students here at TTSD. We believe in food done well, done right, and with your student’s health at the forefront.

    Thank you for trusting us to nourish your student. We take pride and honor in doing this work and hope this means one less packed lunch for you!

    Read our latest Tastebuds magazine for more information about our meal program!

    Much love,

    Your TTSD School Food Team

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