• Our Mission
    The mission of TTOA is to foster a supportive, student-centered learning environment dedicated to providing students with not only a rigorous and standards-based curriculum which prepares them for college and career, but also the skills to be compassionate and conscientious members of the global community.

  • About Us

    Tigard Tualatin Online Academy (TTOA) is an online hybrid school. We are part of the Tigard Tualatin School Districts' alternative education programs. TTOA has online courses and a Learning Center that offers workshops, testing support, academic support, small group activities, and education coaching. The TTOA Learning Center is located in Tualatin, Oregon.  TTOA teachers are available for in-person meetings to support the study habits and learning of our district students.

    Coursework can be completed anywhere a student can access the internet. TTOA currently uses Grad Point from Pearson and Edgenuity for our online learning platforms. Students can use computers and resources at the TTOA Center to access their online classes. A limited number of laptop computers are available for checkout to full-time TTOA students.

    As a hybrid program, TTOA offers students an experience that fits between online and "brick and mortar" schools. Here's how we are different:

    • Students can receive in-person support and education coaching.
    • Students are required to attend two 120 minute Advisory sessions a week, with two additional hours outside of advisory of in-center attendance.
    • Students can dual enroll at both TTOA and a local high school, splitting their schedule between online and traditional courses. This allows online students to still take courses such as choir or ceramics. 
    • Students can continue to participate in athletics, events, and activities at their traditional school.
    • Families and students can participate in social events throughout the year.
    • Graduating seniors can walk with the local high school's graduating class.
    • Student counseling services are available.
    • TTOA serves breakfast and lunch!
  • What kind of student is successful Online?

    We have found that students of diverse backgrounds and ability levels can be successful, but all of our successful online learners do share the following attributes.

    Our students...

    1. Are Self-Motivated: Since online students do not see a teacher on a daily basis, they need to be able to motivate themselves to work on their assignments without an adult telling them to stay on task.
    2. Are Dedicated: Students who are successful are able and willing to dedicate around 6 hours each day to their school work.
    3. Are Supported: Students need to have a support system for getting help.  Some of our students use the staff at the center, some use a private tutor, some use a family member or mentor to help them stay on track, but all of our successful students have an adult who is directly involved with their online education on a regular basis.
    4. Have Good Reading Skills: Much of our curriculum content is delivered through online textbooks which are written at grade level, so students must be able to read and learn from grade level sources.
    5. Are Good Problem Solvers: When our students run into problems, they research answers on their own.  When they cannot solve a problem individually, our students are good at asking for help when they need it via email, phone, or at their required weekly mentor meetings.  Many of our students find asking for help easier in an environment without thirty other students judging their questions.
    6. Are Flexible: As with any technology-based program, sometimes our students run into glitches.  When they find links that do not work or cannot open a file sent to them by their teacher, our students are able to take these challenges in stride and work with their teachers to resolve issues.