• Our Creekside Mission

    We create caring community with our students and support each other with love and flexibility—partnering in learning to grow strong in courageous hope, compassionate wisdom, and inspired action. 


    Our Core Creekside Values

    • Caring Community
    • Flexible Learning Options
    • Transformative Engagement
    • Big Support
    • Wellbeing: Personal, Community, Economic, and Environmental
    • Collaboration
    • Partnership
    • Intentionality
    • Compassion
    • Acceptance
    • Creativity
    • Fun
    • Trust
    • Peace


    Our Creekside Vision

    We believe schools should strengthen community and community should strengthen schools.  We envision Creekside Community High School as a welcoming place for rich, real-world learning based on community development, but also a circle of partnerships--youth, families, educators, neighbors, helpers, friends, and community resources coming together to gather around the wellbeing of our kids.  We envision our school as the center of this community that will continue to grow and blossom, causing ripples of laughter, friendship, prosperity, generosity of spirit, shared meals, and peace around us. Through this, our students will find their greatness and use it to help and to lead.