• Affinity and Alliance Groups


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    PAW (Pacific Asian Warriors)

    PAW stands for Pacific Asian Warriors. At PAW we love to enjoy food together, play basketball & volleyball outside, and participate in friendly competition. This is a positive space for Pacific Islander students and allies to let loose and enjoy one another’s company!

    No Place For Hate Alliance

    No Place for Hate is a student-led group that strives to create a safe, positive, welcoming culture at school for all students. We address situations and concerns that students have about the school culture and improve them by creating school-wide lessons, celebrations, and awareness.  

    AQUA (Affinity for Queer Unity and Advancement)

    AQUA stands for Affinity for Queer Unity and Advancement. This group welcomes students in the LGBTQIA community. We focus on creating a safe space as well as addressing issues at Hazelbrook and coming up with solutions on how to improve them.

    MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán)

    Our mission at MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx De Aztlan) is to provide a safe and engaging space where everyone feels welcome. It is a space where we celebrate our culture!

    BSU (Black Student Union)

    The Black Student Union strives to create an accountable and safe space for African American or biracial and multiracial students as well as allies. We are a community centered around critical dialogue, political action, and social justice- aiming to serve as an advocate and resources for advancing cultural-specific support.

    MENA (Middle Eastern and North African Affinity) 

    This community represents students from Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, and Syria. 

    Jewish Alliance Group 

    Hello!  Calling all of those interested in a Jewish Alliance Group!  This is a group for those students who identify as Jewish, have a Jewish heritage, or have friends who are Jewish. If you are interested in learning more about this exciting group,  please contact Ms. Wilson!  You can find her in the counseling office.

    Women's Empowerment Alliance Group

    The Women's Rights Alliance promotes women's rights and gender equality.

  • PAW students hanging out on the field!

    AQUA students making posters to hang up at school.

    Mechistas enjoying the nice weather and some friendly competition!

    Affinity group members at the Black History Mobile Museum.