May of 2001, Alberta sold her property to the Tigard-Tualatin School District with the stipulation that she be allowed to live in the cabin until her death. Darin Barnard (Alberta Rider's 1st principal: 2005-2010) said during her last years in the cabin, Alberta would frequently visit the school to eat lunch, share stories and play the piano for the children (including a kissing song she'd written, to which the children would giggle and say, 'yuck!').

  • Want to know more about Ms. Alberta Rider? Sheron Gibb wrote a book detailing her whole life. Read all about it!

    Alberta Craig Rider A Life Long Learner By: Sheron Gibb

    "Alberta Rider was like a 2nd grandmother to me. I remember her joining us for holidays and Sunday dinners. She loved to play the piano and sing to us.  She often invited us to her cabin when I was young. I remember a little glass chicken with butterscotch candies in it that she shared with us." 

    ~Wendy Williams