• Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

    Use of cell phones, and personal electronic devices, are not allowed from the time they enter the building until the time they leave unless required as a part of a specific personal health plan (ie. diabetic regulation apps for example). Cell phones must be silenced and away during class time. If parents need to contact students during the school day, they should call the main office and a note will be delivered to students. 


    Students may have access to their phones in the main office. Students may not record others, take pictures of others (students or staff), and/or share or post without the other’s consent. If this occurs, the school will respond, including contacting the involved students’ family to provide appropriate support and follow up.


    Furthermore, students who film staff, or other students, without permission and/or share those videos, or photos, on social media or with other peers can create harm for members of our learning community. Students who film and share photos or videos that portray students in a negative or harmful way will engage in healing and repairing the harm done and may be subject to disciplinary actions along with continued education and support.


    Students and parents will also notice cell phone “Silent and Away” signs in all classrooms, halls, and office spaces throughout the building as we implement this policy. 


    Key points to highlight to your student are:


    Please partner with us and refrain from texting or calling your student’s phone. If you need to get a message to your student, please call the main office. As always, students can be excused from school for appointments by calling our attendance office. 


    Thank you for your support and understanding as we collectively improve the social interactions and academic focus for our community.


    If students are not upholding this policy and expectation, we will follow this process:



    If at any time students are unwilling to comply with this policy the staff member will not engage in a power struggle over the device, and this will become an office-managed referral for defiant behavior.