• Site Council

    Notebook and Pencil

    The mission of the Fowler Site Council is to provide leadership, direction and support toward the improvement of student performance.  The scope of work of the council is on the following areas:
        •    Stewards of the Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP)
        •    Analyze school data and assure the CIP is focused on building assets and key issues
        •    Understanding the needs of the school community.

    The Fowler Site Council ....
        •    ....is NOT a mini Board of Education.
        •    ....does NOT discuss individual students, nor employees, in anything but a complementary manner.
        •    ....does NOT discuss specific budgets, nor their allocation of funds.
        •    ....does NOT make decisions, but rather recommendations, in an advisory format.
        •    ....does NOT have tremendous power, but DOES have tremendous influence.

    However, the Fowler Site Council ....
        •    ....IS a sounding and advisory board for our Board of Education.
        •    ....OFFERS experience and recommendations.
        •    ....SUPPLIES our school with multiple perspectives:  teachers, classified employees, parents, students, community members.
        •    ....SUPPORTS and PROMOTES student achievement.
        •    ....BRAINSTORMS AND PROBLEM SOLVES topics related to Fowler’s improvement.
        •    ....PROVIDES a strong, integral link to the Tigard community.
        •    ....CELEBRATES success, through public recognition.

  • Site Council Members are:

    Chairperson & Teacher:


    • Dan Busch