• International Baccalaureate (IB)

    International Baccalaureate

    It's time to register for IB exams! 

    Registration is now open for the May 2022 exam session. 

    To avoid late fees, registration must be completed by Monday Oct. 25th. 

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  • About IB

    Tigard High is proud to offer the world renowned IB Program to our students. IB is a prestigious college prep program designed for academically driven students interested in attending 4 year colleges. IB emphasizes breadth and depth of knowledge, advanced reading, writing and analytical skills, and critical thinking. Originally designed in 1967 as a course of study for international schools, IB has since expanded to thousands of public and private schools in more than 100 countries.  

    The IB Diploma program is recognized as the highest diploma a high school student can achieve, and is acknowledged by many college professors and admissions officers as the best college preparatory program available in US public schools.  

    There are two levels of IB: certificate and diploma.  IB Certificates are earned by taking an IB class and then by passing the IB exam at the end of the year. To earn an IB Diploma, students must take six IB exams and complete the other requirements (see below).  

    Entering the IB Program:

    The IB Program is for juniors and seniors; however, sophomores may be allowed into certain IB courses (usually math and science) on a case-by-case basis. 

    There is no formal application to the IB program.  Students wishing to take IB classes can register during forecasting each spring, and will be enrolled provided they meet the prerequisites (see the Academic Planning Guide for more information).  Students can then choose to take the IB exam. 

    Students wishing to try for a full IB Diploma should fill out the IB Four Year Planning Sheet (for 8th and 9th grade students) or the IB Two Year Planning Sheet (for 10th and 11th grade students).  These guides are updated each year to reflect current course offerings and will be distributed during forecasting in March/April.  

    To earn an IB Diploma, students must:

    1.  Take a minimum of 9 IB courses in six subjects: English, Foreign Language, History, Science, Math, and IB Elective 
    2.  Take 6 IB exams, at least 3 HL (higher level) 
    3.  Take "Theory of Knowledge" (TOK) 
    4.  Write an "Extended Essay" (a 3000 - 4000 word research paper in the subject of your choice)
    5.  Perform 150 hours of Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) over 2 years 

    Over the past seven years, approximately 90% of THS students who completed all of the above requirements were successful in earning the IB Diploma! :)

    The benefits of the IB Diploma 

    Students receive application preference, special scholarships, and college credit for IB exams at many colleges and universities. (You should check each college's website to find out how much credit and what other benefits they award for IB exams and IB Diplomas.)   


    Atlanta Pubic Schools found the following: 

    Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

    TOK is a required course for IB diploma candidates that focuses on critical thinking.  The central question of TOK is "how do we know what we think we know?" Students critically examine how knowledge is constructed in many different subjects - language, history, mathematics, science, etc. Students demonstrate their knowledge in a required presentation at the end of junior year and in an essay senior year (written in IB Senior Seminar). 

    Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) 

    The intent behind this is to have each student stretch themselves outside of their academic lives and be well rounded individuals. You can find more information about CAS, go to TigardCAS.blogspot.com

    Extended Essay (EE)

    The Extended Essay is a research paper done in the subject of your choice.  IB Diploma students start the EE in the spring of their junior year and write most of it in the fall of senior year in IB Senior Seminar.  For more information about the EE, see the "EE Overview" at TigardEE.blogspot.com

    List of IB Courses and exam options 

    English (HL or SL exam,must complete both courses)

    • IB Junior English HL or SL 
    • IB Senior English HL or SL 

    Foreign Language (ab initio, SL or HL. Must complete level 5 to take the HL exam) 

    • IB French/Japanese/Spanish 4
    • IB French/Japanese/Spanish 5  

    History  (HL or SL)

    • IB History of the Americas
    • IB Modern World History 

    Biology  (SL or HL, must complete both levels to take either exam)

    • IB Biology: Cells
    • IB Biology: Organisms 

    Chemistry (SL or HL)

    • IB Chemistry 1  (can take the SL exam after completing level 1) 
    • IB Chemistry 2  (must complete both levels for the HL exam)  

    Physics (SL only) 

    • IB Physics SL

    Math  (see Academic Planning Guide for sequence and details) 

    • IB Math Applications and Interpretations SL 
    • IB Math Analysis and Approaches SL 
    • IB Math Analysis and Approaches HL  

    IB Electives (note: in addition to the following choices, students may also take a 2nd science as their IB elective) 

    Psychology (SL or HL, must complete both levels to take either exam)

    • IB Psychology 1
    • IB Psychology 2 

    Anthropology  (SL exam only) 

    • IB Social and Cultural Anthropology

    Art  (SL or HL, must complete both levels to take either exam)

    • IB Art Seminar 1
    • IB Art Seminar 2 

    Theater  (SL or HL, must complete both levels to take either exam)

    • IB Theater Arts 1 
    • IB Theater Arts 2 

    For more information on The International Baccalaureate Organization, see: http://www.ibo.org

    More Quotes From Universities 

    Send us prepared students á la IB…It is the “best” high school prep curriculum an American school can offer.

    Marilee Jones
    Director of Undergraduate Admission
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    IB is well known to us for excellent preparations. Success in an IB programme correlates well with success at Harvard. We are always pleased to see the credentials of the IB Diploma Programme on the transcript.

    Marilyn McGrath Lewis
    Director of Undergraduate Admission
    Harvard University

    One of the advantages of an IB curriculum is its structure and quality. It is a coordinated programme, well established, well known and well respected. We know the quality of IB courses, and we think the IB curriculum is terrific.

    Christoph Guttentag
    Director of Undergraduate Admission
    Duke University


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