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Construction is Completed

Tualatin Elementary Secure Vestibule is now complete and provides a more secure main entrance to the building. When school resumes, our school will have a new protocol for entering the building:

  • All school visitors will proceed to the main entrance of the school and enter the secure vestibule through the main doors at the front of the building.
  • Once inside the vestibule, visitors will find that the door to the main office is locked. If the visitor is immediately recognized as a known parent, guardian or volunteer, they will be “buzzed in” to the main office by office staff. 
  • Visitors inside the vestibule that are not immediately recognized will press the two-way video intercom button located inside the vestibule which will ring the phones in the main office so that office staff can greet the visitor and establish their purpose for visiting.  Once the visitors' purpose is verified, they will be buzzed into the main office.

The vestibule is one more way that we can keep our school safe for students, families, and staff.