Tech Tip - Fancier gmail

Posted by Aaron Leininger on 1/9/2020

Ever wanted to write an email with complex content in it that gmail just doesn't have controls for? Look no further, the answer is here! What Google hasn't told you is that gmail and Google Docs speak exactly the same langauge. They just provide a much simpler editor in gmail. 

Simply start a new google doc in your TTSD Google Drive. You can use the full power of Google Docs, which is vastly superiior to gmail's editor, and then simply copy and paste the entire thing into the body of a gmail!

To quickly copy the entire body of a google doc, press ctrl+a on windows or cmd+a on mac to select all then ctrl+c to copy to clipboard on windows or cmd+c on mac. Next, switch over to gmail, start your new gmail, enter any recipients and the subject then click where you'd normally type your email and press ctrl+v to paste on windows or cmd+v on voila! 


p.s. It also works with cells from Google Sheets. You can copy and paste those directly into a gmail as well. Be aware that those copy/pasted sheets will seem editable but any forumla and links in the copied cells will not come along for the ride...only the static results...but if you just need a quick copy of some cell data to drop into an email, you'll get it along with any formatting!!